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International customers are encouraged to go through Etsy for better tracking. I ship through USPS First Class to keep rates more affordable. USPS First Class International often does not provide much information while a package is in transit.

UK, EU, and Australia Customers will not be able to check out, please go to my Etsy at

Please note that shipping will be delayed when I am away at conventions. Handling and shipping time can take from 2-4 weeks in this case.


In purchasing, please note that. you agree to the grading guide and policies below. Returns are not accepted. However, in the event of human error, such as a second being sent when a standard was ordered, exchanges are accepted. Please contact [email protected] if this is the case.


When do pre-orders ship?

Orders with a preordered pin ship when the last item in the order has arrived. This means that if you also ordered an in-stock pin, it will not ship until your preordered pin is in hand.

If I pre-ordered more than once, do I have to pay shipping twice?

You can choose to pay shipping for each pre-order and receive the pins as soon as they are in hand or you can message me and I will waive the fee. However, this option means that you will receive all pre-orders at once, which can mean that your order will take longer to ship depending on what items are in your order.

Grading Guide


Standards may or may not have imperfections such as but not limited to:

♡ Small marks, specks, bubbles, scuffs, or scratches on metal/enamel

♡ Minor screen print errors, including mild scratches or offset

♡ Small amounts of under/over fill

♡ Some overpolishing/uneven surface finish

♡ Minor metal discolorations or tarnish

Many of these flaws can only be seen in certain lighting or from certain angles, in which case they will be sent as standards. Sides/backs are not graded on standards pins unless plating is stripped in a way that can be visible from the front. Pins are not all exactly the same due to their largely hand-filled process - therefore, I do not accommodate requests for 'collector quality' as it is not an option that I offer.


Dyed pins naturally have more imperfections such as dust and scratches due to how they are made with epoxy; these are considered Standard. They may have:

♡ Uneven epoxy surface or overfilled epoxy

♡ Dents, dust or scratches in the epoxy

♡ Rough plating

Because of the nature of the material, dyed metal cannot be cleaned or fixed after they are made. Therefore, the grading is more lenient than regular hard enamel.


Seconds have imperfections such as but not limited to:

♡ Enamel with extreme overfill or underfill

♡ Significant tarnish, stains, or noticeable scratches in either enamel or metal

♡ Large gouges or holes in the metal

♡ Noticeably misplaced glitter

♡ More extreme screen printing errors such as missing printing altogether

♡ Missing enamel

♡ Extreme scuffs and missing plating on metal

Do you have allergy warnings?

Yes! I own a cat, and while I do my utmost to make sure none of her fur touches the product, there is still a possibility of contact!


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